Salt Lake Magazine UOP Coupon!

Our friends at Salt Lake Magazine have a great coupon for $5 off a summer ride package! Check this out:

It may still feel like summer, but it’s almost time to send the kiddos back to school.

Now’s the time to fit in all those last minute to-do’s and play dates and the Utah Olympic Park in PC wants to help out.

Print out the coupon (click here) and experience the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics for yourself.

Zoom down the Bobsled, Zipline, or Quicksilver to cure your need for speed.

The deets:

Bronze Package – 1 Ultra Zipline, 1 Quicksilver.

Silver Package – 1 Xtreme Zipline & 1 Ultra Zipline, 1 Quicksilver.

Gold Package – 1 Comet Bobsled Ride, 1 Xtreme Zipline & 1 Ultra Zipline, 1 Quicksilver.

Offer valid summer 2010 season only.

Age and weight restrictions apply. Please check for restrictions, hours and possible closures/weather holds. OFFER NOT VALID ON SATURDAYS. One coupon per person accepted. Package activities cannot be split up or used by more than one person. Activities are weather dependent, may sell out and are subject to delay or cancellation without notice. Check or call 435.658.4200.

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SPRING TIME: What’s new at the Park?

Summer Freestyle Programs
Would you like to learn the sport of freestyle skiing? Check out the wide variety of programs offered by FLY, AXIS and others.

Xtreme Zipline opens weekends Sat. May 8
Enjoy one of the world’s steepest and most unique ziplines. The Xtreme zipline sends riders alongside the K120 nordic ski jump at speeds approaching 50 mph!

Family Guided Tours – $25 (5 ppl)
Go behind the scenes and save money on the popular and informative guided tour. With the $25 “Family Pass,” five people can tour the venue that hosted 14 medal events during the 2002 Winter Olympic Games.

Summer Comet Bobsled Rides begin Sat. May 22
Experience 4 G’s of force, reach speeds approaching 70 mph and finish the 2002 Olympic track in about a minute flat on the Summer Comet Bobsled ride!

All rides closed for the season

Utah Olympic ParkAs of Monday, September 28th all summer ride operations at Utah Olympic Park are closed for the season. Xtreme zipline, Ultra zipline, Quicksilver alpine slide, and the Summer Comet bobsled will remain closed through the winter until next May. The end of summer operations always brings with it mixed emotions for park staff. The sadness of watching summer coworkers and friends take their leave is tempered by the relief most year-rounders experience knowing the big crowds and stressful days are once again behind them. Park Host, Bill Lesar says he’ll “miss the excitement of summer.” While fellow Host, Nancy Glagola is “looking forward to winter.” According to Host, Warren Allen, the end of summer ops always prompts the question: “Okay, what do we do now?”

Winter Comet bobsled rides are scheduled to begin in December. Reservations may be made starting in November by calling 435.658.4233.

Quick Notes: 9.26.09 Edition

Please remember that our Xtreme and Ultra ziplines, Quicksilver alpine slide, and Comet bobsled will all close for the season after Sunday, September 27th.

Our museum hours are changing beginning Monday, September 28th. On that date and until further notice, the museum will open one hour later – at 10:00am – with the first guided tour of the day at 11:00am.

Ziplines and alpine slide will remain closed through the winter (until May 2010).

Reservations for Winter Comet bobsled rides may be made beginning in November with rides scheduled to start near Christmas (more info to follow).

Although things are quieting down a bit around here, we’re still seeing a number of elite-level athletes using our facilities. Cooler temps and amazing fall colors make this a great time for guests to enjoy watching these “hometown” athletes train.

    • Catch the U.S. Freestyle from 11am-1pm and 3pm-4:30pm Tuesday-Thursday

    WHAT THEY SAID: Just Let Go

    Click here for the original blog post.

    We ended up at Utah Olympic Park. As we toured the facility, the EXTREME zip line caught our attention. So, once we were finished learning about the park, we made a B-Line for the Zip-Line. It is the steepest in the world – and we just HAD to do it. So, my mom, aunt and I paid for our tickets and proceeded up the mountain on the lift. When we made it to the top, I was in awe of the vision before me. Indeed, we were at a high elevation. I felt so insignificant compared to the view. As we suited up my anticipation grew. Up until this point, I had been relatively calm. But now, in the harness, waiting for the door to open, I was extremely STOKED. Once all of us were ready to go, the door opened, and I just let go.

    I was AMAZED.

    WHAT THEY SAID: Putting The Park To Good Use

    Utah Olympic ParkClick HERE for the original blog post.

    While everyone was out here this summer, I decided to put those awesome vouchers I got on a field trip to the Utah Olympic Park to good use. We had a voucher good for three rides on the zip line at the Oly park. It is one of the world’s steepest zip lines and is over 1400 feet long! I was dying to try it out because it seems like I was pregnant the last two times I got the voucher. Each ride is $20 so it was a $60 value! And, it was one of my favorite field trips.

    Colin and I love to shop in Park City too. So, Colin, the boys, Bruce, Katie, Erin and I all headed up to Park City for the day.

    We did the Outlet malls and got a few things for back-to-school. Then after that we headed over to the Oly park. We headed over to the zip line and had a total blast. I did at least. I was so excited to finally ride the zip line. Colin, Erin, Katie and I were all able to ride the zip line at the same time. You ride a ski lift up to the top of the mountain and then they strap you into a five-point harness seat. You sit there up against the metal door and then when everything is ready they push a green button, the door swings open, and you go flying down the zip line. It was so much fun.

    WHAT THEY SAID: Surviving Park City in Summer

    Utah Olympic ParkThe following is an excerpt from an article originally published at

    You don’t have to wait for the snow to fly to have a thrill-filled vacation in Wasatch Mountain’s skiingmecca of Park City, Utah.

    During the months when skiing and snowboarding aren’t options, the resorts adapt their winter venues for summer use. But don’t think trail-hiking and scenic rides on a chairlift. Think risk and danger and seeing your life flash before your eyes.

    My initiation began at 9,000 feet on a five-mile mountain bike course down (and alas, up) the ski slopes. Then it was on to the “World’s Steepest Zipline,” where I hung on a wire and was pushed off from the top of the ski jump mountain on a 60- second, 2,300-foot screaming descent.

    Next was the Alpine Slide, during which I maneuvered a sled along a 3,000-foot winding channel at roller-coaster speeds. And then came the adrenaline coup de grace when I careened down the concrete Olympic bobsled run at speeds over 70 miles an hour, mostly in awkward and unnatural positions. Yes, people actually pay $65 to $200 to take this sadistic plunge in summer on wheels and on ice in winter.

    And to add a little excitement to an otherwise peaceful moment, I was riding on the all-metal chairlift above tree level for the luge run when it began to thunder and lightning. I drew the line on flying face-down on the bobsled run atop a minuscule sled called the “Skeleton.” I might have tried it, but I couldn’t get past the name.

    Utah Olympic Park was the site of most of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games, and it’s where the U.S. Ski Team trains. Ski-jumpers as young as 6 years old soar hundreds of feet in the air and land on manicured grass surfaces in summer.

    Click here to read the entire article.

    The Canyons Utah Olympic Park Package

    Sign-up for the ultimate Olympic experience in Park City when you select our exclusive Utah Olympic Park Package this summer. This special package includes lodging for two and 2 Silver Park Packages providing you one ride each on the Xtreme Zipline, Ultra Zipline and Quicksilver Alpine Slide. For more information on events / activities at the Utah Olympic Park visit their website: or call: (435)658-4200.

    To book this package, call (866)604-4171 or book online by clicking HERE.

    Available: May 23rd – September 27, 2009

    Click here for more information.

    WHAT THEY SAID: Our Park City Trip

    Click here for the original blog post.

    “After our balloon ride, we rode the Alpine Slide and visited the Utah Olympic Park. At the olympic park we got to see real athletes training, walk through the museum where they have lots of cool hands-on activities (I got the high score on one of the games), go on the Xtreme Zipline (the world’s steepest zipline), and watch the Flying Ace All-Stars Freestyle Show (the athletes do flips and other tricks into a pool). It was a fun place to visit!”

    WHAT THEY SAID: A Great Business Trip

    Utah Olympic ParkClick here for the original blog post:

    “While I was in Utah our host company took us to the Utah Olympic Park. It’s quite an impressive park. Of course, they have several activities visitors can participate in, such as the bobsled ride (it’s the second fastest track in the world). Some of the bobsled athletes reach about 80-90 mph. The zipline is another activity one can participate in. It’s approximately (not quite) at the same height as the Nordic Ski Jumper. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my point and shoot, since I thought I was going to a boring Insurance seminar. I did take some photos with my my camera…but my camera won’t let me upload any pictures. So sadly I can’t post any pics of the original olympic medals, they displayed in their museum.”