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WHAT THEY SAID: Putting The Park To Good Use

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While everyone was out here this summer, I decided to put those awesome vouchers I got on a field trip to the Utah Olympic Park to good use. We had a voucher good for three rides on the zip line at the Oly park. It is one of the world’s steepest zip lines and is over 1400 feet long! I was dying to try it out because it seems like I was pregnant the last two times I got the voucher. Each ride is $20 so it was a $60 value! And, it was one of my favorite field trips.

Colin and I love to shop in Park City too. So, Colin, the boys, Bruce, Katie, Erin and I all headed up to Park City for the day.

We did the Outlet malls and got a few things for back-to-school. Then after that we headed over to the Oly park. We headed over to the zip line and had a total blast. I did at least. I was so excited to finally ride the zip line. Colin, Erin, Katie and I were all able to ride the zip line at the same time. You ride a ski lift up to the top of the mountain and then they strap you into a five-point harness seat. You sit there up against the metal door and then when everything is ready they push a green button, the door swings open, and you go flying down the zip line. It was so much fun.

WHAT THEY SAID: Bev and the Zip Line

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“What an EXTREMELY fun day! My roomie Kris and I, had a lot of adventures and my stomach hurts from laughing so hard all day. Right now though, I’ll share just one of today’s stand outs: THE ZIP LINE!

The camera was hanging off my neck due to my hands being occupied- they were glued in fear to the zip line seat. Halfway through I was calm enough to grab the camera. 🙂 I had such fun I went back up and did it again!! And you know what? I would have done it 15 more times except there were other things we wanted to do today.”