Luge: Speaking with Erin Hamlin

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At the 2009 Luge World Championships in Lake Placid, American Erin Hamlin snapped a streak of 99 consecutive races won by German women. In January, she’ll get her chance to defend that crown.

A German woman has won every race since Hamlin’s shocker, including the 2010 Olympics, so a title defense is just as daunting a task. But the 24-year-old is a contender to land on the podium every week, and she checked in with us via email before the season begins in Austria.

The Olympics came at the end of your World Cup season last year. Did you travel afterward?
Yes I did actually. I went to Kauai with a couple of other athletes. It was a short trip because I had to be back in Lake Placid for Nationals. But still worth it! I had never been to Hawaii and now I cannot wait to go back. I will as soon as I can!

How do you typically spend your off seasons?
I generally spend a few weeks at home in Remsen, NY to get away from the athlete/sports world for a little while. I still train, but often in different ways. Mainly just stay active, and then in late April or May I begin training pretty hard. That runs through the entire summer, which is normally spent in Lake Placid, NY. My trainer, Jason Hartman, has been there and we have our start-training facility, so it is the most logical place for me to be.

Is there less pressure going into this season because it’s not an Olympic year?
I would say the atmosphere brings less pressure, but mainly because there is a lot less hype. But since this will be the first World Championships since I won in Lake Placid I definitely feel like I have to perform at a level that would represent that. With our completely new program (coaches, etc.) it is easy to push that aside, though, and just be excited to race and see what this new chapter will offer.

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