Kingston native chasing Olympic dream as coach

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Less than a decade ago, Brian McDonald saw his dreams of making the 2002 Winter Olympics fall short by .08 seconds.

Four years from now the Kingston resident will hope to live out his Olympic dream as a coach for the U.S. team in the sport he loves — skeleton.

Recently, McDonald was named as an assistant in the sport where competitors slide down an icy track on their stomachs and the former America’s Cup champion fully expects to be in Sochi, Russia for the Winter Games in 2014.

Tuffy Latour is head coach of the team, with McDonald, Willi Schneider and Orvie Garrett serving as assistants. Ironically, Latour competed in bobsled with Brian’s brother, Joe.

“I’m very excited to be a coach for this team,” said Brian McDonald, who honed his teaching skills as a coach for the development program at Utah Olympic Park. “I feel I have a lot to teach these athletes from the perspective that I was once in their shoes.

“It is an awesome opportunity for me.”

McDonald competed for the U.S. from 1993-2005 before he began to turn his attention to coaching. He then moved to Park City, Utah, where he oversaw the prime feeder program for future Olympians.

“I loved the experience working there,” said McDonald, who moved back to Kingston in June. “It was great working with those athletes.

“No doubt it was tough when I knew my career was over. I was training for a shot at the Torino (Turin, Italy) Games (in 2006). I pulled my quad muscle.

“It was disheartening. I couldn’t get myself out of the sport. I was asked if I would consider coaching and I went from there.

“Coaching is certainly a different feeling in that I’m not putting my body on the line. But the adrenaline is still there.

“The competitive part never leaves your system.”

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