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Billy Demong has had a busy summer. The Olympic gold medalist has balanced speaking engagements, bike racing, home renovation, and a July wedding to fiancé Katie Kocnyzski, whom he proposed to the evening after winning gold in February.

With only a few miles on his bike-racing legs, he did four major stage races on his bike, plus a criterium (where he finished 16th, eight places behind Olympic biathlete Jeremy Teela).

But until recently, Demong hadn’t done much training for Nordic combined.

“Ultimately this became the year to catch up on life,” he said via email. “I did not need a break from training, just needed the time training takes to do other things. I can train all day everyday and love it, and I can work all day everyday and love that too!”

His main project was gutting and rebuilding his house in Park City — without much outside help.

But after competing in the Tour of Utah, a six-day bike race held in mid-August on roads around Salt Lake City and won this year by Levi Leipheimer, Demong dove back into full-time training for Nordic combined.


Because he wants to compete for four more years — to help the up-and-coming U.S. Nordic combined athletes develop into world-class competitors, and to defend his gold medal in the large hill in Sochi in 2014.

“Aside from the odd couple days here or there manufacturing and installing some concrete countertops, I’ve mostly been able to train daily since the Tour of Utah,” he said.

His plan, he says, is “to start the season swinging for the fences” in the first four World Cups. Then after a mid-winter break, he plans to “hammer down at Worlds.”

As for the six months he took off from training this past spring and summer, he says that he already feels more motivated.

“I can already say that this little break really is helping me mentally start building the desire to go for four more and be even better.”

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