USA Ski Jumpers Enjoy Strong Weekend In Falun

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Following a weekend of FIS Cup ski jumping in the well-know nordic village of Falun, Sweden, the USA jumping men turned in some strong results to keep the pre-season going upon even keel. In Saturday’s day one comp, the USA lead with a second-place finish from Peter Frenette, and a fourth from Anders Johnson, both members of the 2010 USA Olympic Ski Jumping Team. Incredibly, a trio of American jumpers: Mike Glasder, Nick Fairall and Chris Lamb were all tied for seventh place. In a day that saw rain shower’s blanket the area, the USA also scored Alex Haupt in 17th and Will Rhoads in 26th. USASJ coach Casey Colby said that despite the results for Frenette, he is still suffering the effects of his crash last week in Norway.

“Pete felt like he had two average jumps, but with his groin still sore from Norway, he felt it restricts his in-run position and really effects his V-style,” said Colby.

The dawn of Sunday was clear and cold with a hint of shifting winds. Frenette lead the way for the Yanks by grabbing a skilled victory, with his first round jump, landing at an eye-pleasing 104 meters, on the K-90, Hill Size HS 98. He had the longest jump by six meters of the entire event, and landed a strong telemark on both jumps. Frenette won both rounds on Sunday. Park City’s Anders Johnson soared to a second place finish overall.

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