Sochi: construction work is on track

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The Russian deputy prime minister, Dmitry Kozak has assured Russian senators that all sport and other facilities for the Sochi 2014 winter Olympics will be ready by 2012. There had never been either sport facilities or a modern infrastructure in Sochi until now, meaning that everything was started from scratch. The city on the black sea must create 235 sport and allied infrastructure facilities, as well as get credible public transport running and backed by reliable electricity, within the remaining 4 years before the Games.

Construction work is proceeding at full throttle and under all weather conditions. Large and small rinks for hockey and figure skating are being built in the outskirts of Sochi. The main stadium of a capacity for 40 thousand spectators, where the opening and closing ceremonies of the Games are to be held is also under construction in the suburb of Sochi; also being constructed are tracks for speed skating races, an 8-thousand capacity center and a curling arena. The Olympic village will also be built here. The baptismal competition in the curling arena will be held in 2012, but earlier in 2011, planned competitions in the mountains will be staged.

All the tracks and other competition areas are ready. Biathlon and skiing venues are being prepared in Krasnaya Polyana, and several trampoline, snowboard and free-style centers, as well as bobsleigh and skeleton tracks will equally be made ready in the zone. One more Olympic village will be built here. Some 5 thousand guests will be housed in both the upper and lower Olympic villages, while the rest will be accommodated in hotels. Most of the sport facilities are modern.Preparations for the winter Games include other aspects, apart from construction of facilities, said Kozak.

A special programme, “Sochi – a hospitable city” has been prepared, and designed to promote a new image for the future Olympic host-city. It includes giving Sochi a facelift plus improving the quality of service.. There is also a plan of making life a little easier and comfortable for the handicapped . A cultural event is part of the “Hospitality” programme and is designed to pick the best project which will be showcased during the 2014 Games. 2010 is the year of the cinema; 2011 of theater; 2012 of music and 2013 of museums, disclosed Kozak.

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