Bobsledding: In a blink of an eye

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It takes less than a second to blink, less than a second for a hummingbird’s wings to flap once, but it was enough time to change Heather Moyse’s life forever.

The Olympic bobsled gold medallist was the guest speaker this week at the annual Federation of P.E.I. Municipalities meeting in Souris.

The story began nine years ago in Summerside. The track coach from McGill University in Montreal called the Moyse home.

His goal — to recruit Heather to the bobsled team.

“All I knew about bobsled at the time was that the uniform was spandex from top to bottom and that didn’t work for me,” Moyse laughs.

Jump ahead four years later to the spring of 2005. The coach called back, anxious to convince Moyse to jump on board for the Olympics in Torino. The challenge of trying her hand at a new sport started to appeal to the athlete.

But it took her a while to grow to love the sport. She was suffering from a bad head cold on her very first bobsled run.

Her biggest challenge that day was to avoid throwing up in her helmet.

She was paired up with Helen Upperton whose original partner was none other than Kaillie Humphries. The move forced Humphries to the sidelines after two years with Upperton.

“I could only imagine how she felt,” Moyse said.

Upperton and Moyse missed the podium in Torino by 5/100ths of a second.

“It sucks. It might has well have been five seconds to me,” Moyse said flatly.

After the 2005 Olympics, Upperton developed a relationship with a new brakeman. Meanwhile, the relationship between Moyse and Humphries was ice cold.

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