Gold medalist shares love of Utah slopes

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America is celebrating snowboarder Seth Wescott’s come from behind victory in the Snowboard Cross event. His gold medal is the second for the United States in the Vancouver Olympics.

Wescott is from Maine, but of course he has ridden the powder in Utah’s Little Cottonwood Canyon and Ogden. He said he loves to hit the slopes in Utah.

When he’s not competing, and just riding for fun with friends, Wescott comes to Utah.

“[It’s] between Snowbird and Snowbasin. They are two of my places in North America to get powder,” Wescott said.

One of his good friends in Utah is fellow Olympian Shannon Bahrke.

“She was a huge inspiration to me the other night, watching her ski,” Wescott said.

Barhke won bronze in women’s moguls.

“When her score came up, that was the first moment of the games I teared up and got all like, ‘Oh my God!’ And [I] was so proud of Shannon,” Wescott said.

Just like Barhke, Wescott now has another medal to add to his collection.

“To be able to win back-to-back gold in Olympics is pretty unheard of,” Wescott said. “It’s incredibly surreal and gratifying.”

He said he keeps all his awards in his living room.

“I’ve got a Buddha statue with his arms raised like he just won it, and he’s buried. You can see a little bit of his forehead and a little bit of his belly,” Wescott said.

If he keeps boarding like he does, that Buddha needs to save room for another Olympic medal in 2014.

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