New UOP venue map alive and jumping!

If you’ve logged onto the UOP website lately you probably noticed something completely new and different: A fully animated and interactive two-season Park venue map. The map, created by a Connecticut-based company called North Pole Design was months in the making, and now that it’s finished, provides online users an opportunity to preview and explore the Park without leaving their homes.

With its activation, Utah Olympic Park is now the only resort/facility in Utah which offers online users this kind of interactive option. The map includes a detailed “call out” legend whereby users scroll their pointer over different headings to reveal short descriptions of the track, jumps, Daylodge, museum, and other Park features. There’s a “season” button, which when clicked, changes the map and the Park’s offerings from summer to winter. Also included is a series of buttons with appropriate icons which highlight the guided tour route, gift shop, and restroom locations (among others). Perhaps the most unique aspect of UOP’s new venue map is the audio component. By clicking on the microphone icon near the top left corner of the map, users activate a cartoon Host, who pops up with a friendly wave and offers a short list of topics about which users can hear more information.

According to UOP Public Programs Manager, Jon Green, the interactive map takes the Park’s website to a new level. “Curious browsers can now explore the Park and all its offerings from any computer with internet access; and instead of just reading about the splash pool, users can actually watch tiny freestyle skiers hurl themselves off water ramps into the bubbling training pool. It’s really cool.”



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