The FLY Freestyle Team shines in international competition

On December 19th and 20th The Utah Olympic Park’s FLY Freestyle Aerial Team competed in The US Selection Events/Nor Am at the Utah Olympic Park. The competition stages Canada’s top development aerialists against The United States top development aerialists.

On day one Hans Gardner of The FLY Freestyle Team landed on the podium with a 2nd place finish. Hans performed a Full Full, and a Full Double Full earning a career high score of 180.35 points. For the women FLY Freestyles Sami Palmer finished in 5th place and Maddy Olsen finished in 8th. Other Fly Athletes that competed were Mike Rossi – 8th place, Will Griffiths – 13th, Lucas Constenious – 14th.

On day two 15 year old Mike Rossi took a surprise podium position with a third place finish. Mike displayed near perfect form on two double flips earning a career high of 159.27 points. Other FLY Athletes were Lucas Constenious earning a solid 6th place finish, Hans Gardner – 11th, and Will Griffiths – 15th. For the women Sami Palmer finished in 7th, and Maddy Olsen finished in 8th place with a career high of 103.03.

Nevin Brown of the US Ski Team won both days for the men, and Ashley Caldwell of the US Ski Team won day two for the women.

FLY Freestyle is the resident development freestyle team of the Utah Olympic Park. For more info on the FLY team visit, or email


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