Freestyle rollercoaster

The following is an excerpt from a article on the upcoming Olympics:

For the most part, the Olympic freestyle trials that took place last week in Steamboat Springs, Co. were weighted competitions designed to generate buzz around winner-take-all moments that could play well on TV. With only one berth up for grabs and remaining places determined by cumulative results, there were few surprises. Lacy Schnoor was the one athlete who may not have made it to Vancouver without a victory. Schnoor and Jeret “Speedy” Peterson earned spots on the team in the aerials trial. Officials actually announced that favorite Emily Cook was the winner of the women’s event, but later recalculated scores because she balked at her second jump. Schnoor landed a full-full (two backflips and two twists) and a lay-full on her two jumps. She has always been comfortable in the air. As a ninth-grader at Crescent View Middle School, she was fooling around on the trampoline when the USOC’s School to Sport program came to visit. Schnoor drew an invitation to an aerials camp at Utah Olympic Park.

The sport’s bumpy nature seems fitting for Peterson, a 2006 Olympian who knocked off teammate Ryan St. Onge to earn the berth. Peterson’s trademark jump is the Hurricane or the Quint, a single jump with five twists. At the Turin Games, he placed seventh after he put his hand down on the snow. Soon after, he was asked to leave the Olympic village early after he punched a friend in the face during an argument outside a bar. A year earlier, he shared a house in Park City with a friend who had battled drugs and alcohol. Peterson watched in horror as the friend shot himself. Hopefully, Vancouver will balance out those hard knocks with more positive developments.

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