Utah Sport For Life

Utah Olympic ParkThe Utah Athletic Foundation (UAF) began a major project to re-invigorate its athlete development pipelines. This new approach was undertaken in response to: desires to increase participation at all levels of sport programming at our venues; interest to introduce more of the population to sport opportunities; and improve winter sport clubs since their success is our success. Along the way we further understood the lack of fundamental skills being focused on and the increase in inactivity of our youth. Under the direction of the UAF, sport and community workgroups were given the monumental task of transforming the UAF development pipeline and took an innovative approach to this challenge. Utah Sport for Life committees are established to lead the transformation. The Utah Athletic Foundation’s goals are to:

  • Identify and share perspectives on how to best run youth sport and physical activity programs. We will do this by reaching out and collaborating with a broad set of sports, recreation, and health organizations in Utah.
  • Introduce the concept of Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) into our own UAF Sports Programs and share this fundamental sport philosophy with others in Utah.
  • Develop a Utah model for how we engage Utah’s youth in sport and physical fitness programs. This model will be branded “Utah Sport for Life,” and will incorporate a blend of best practices happening around the state as well as Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) concepts that work for our collective communities.
  • Identify specific areas where the Utah Athletic Foundation could fill a unique niche and/or program void. Our role will be defined over time by listening to ideas, sharing stories, inviting feedback, and integrating our efforts.
  • Effectively improve the program quality of youth sport efforts in Utah. The end result of these improvements will result in a population more engaged in physical activity and a better pipeline of athletes seeking their highest potential.
  • Increase coordination, alignment, and effectiveness of Utah’s sport, recreation, and
    health-related organizations.
  • Create physical literacy in all Utah children and improve the health of all Utahns through long-term participation in sports.

The creation of this Utah Sport for Life resource guide (completion December 2009) is one of the first steps accomplished in this effort. The Utah Athletic Foundation along with the sport and community partners will continue to accomplish the goals set for incorporating Utah Sport for Life principles into Utah communities.

Click here for more information about the partnership between Utah Olympic Park and Utah Sport For Life.


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