Ski legend Sigi Engl honored

Utah Olympic ParkOriginally published by Idaho Mountain Express:

Famed Sun Valley ski instructor Sigi Engl (1911-1982) will be inducted into the Intermountain Ski Hall of Fame in Utah Olympic Park, Utah, on Thursday. An Austrian native, Engl become director of the Sun Valley Ski School in 1952, where his innovative techniques catapulted the school to international prominence.

A fabled ski racer in Europe and the U.S., Engl was also a member of the storied 10th Mountain Division, which fought in Italy during World War II. Sigi’s Bowl on Baldy is a lasting tribute to Engl’s contributions to the sport of alpine skiing.

Plaques describing the achievements of this year’s honorees: Engl, Richard D. Bass, Alan K. Engen and Mike C. Korologos, will be enshrined in the Alf Engen Ski Museum at the Joe Quinney Winter Sports Center at the Utah Olympic Park.

The Intermountain Ski Hall of Fame was established in 2002 to recognize those who have made significant contributions to winter sports in the region.

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2 Responses to Ski legend Sigi Engl honored

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  2. john bates says:

    I’m curious about Sigi’s wife and children. I’ve heard she was a Watson (IBM). Is this true?
    Thank you

    John Bates

    I first skied in Sun Valley (Dec-Jan) in 1952. They took the slot machines out of Ketchum on New Years eve

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