Good Coffee For A Good Cause

Utah Olympic ParkFor most skiers, blue skies and fresh powder is about as good as it gets. For U.S. mogul skier, Shannon Bahrke, all the blue skies and fresh powder in the world amount to very little without a good cup of coffee to enjoy with friends at day’s end. So, after winning the first Olympic silver medal in U.S. moguls history at the 2002 Games, Bahrke formed the Silver Bean Coffee Co., and in doing so successfully combined two of her great loves: skiing and good coffee.

This is no ordinary coffee company. In addition to six different ski-themed blends with names like “Last Chair Decaf” and “Velvety Groomer,” Silver Bean carries a unique line of “athlete blends,” each one bearing the name and picture of a U.S. Ski Team athlete. As a way to help teammates pay for ever-increasing competition expenses Bahrke’s company gives a portion of each bag sold directly to those athletes, and another portion to a charity of their choice. Talk about a win-win-win! Consumers get good coffee, athletes get financial assistance, and their charities get a nice donation.

The Utah Olympic Park gift shop stocks a variety of the nearly two dozen different athlete blends. Stop by and pick up a bag or two. This may be your only chance to have Lindsey Van, Jeret Peterson, and Julia Mancuso over for coffee in the morning. And don’t forget to watch for Bahrke in Vancouver…She’s hoping to add a “Gold Blend” to the menu.


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