Nitro Circus Films At The Utah Olympic Park

Nitro Circus is an MTV series that follows extreme sports enthusiast Travis Pastrana and his team of daredevils. On August 13th, Nitro Circus filmed an episode for their upcoming season at Utah Olympic Park. Here is an excerpt from a Salt Lake Magazine article that was written about the visit:

As if ski jumping into a pool isn’t crazy enough, picture a bike, a canoe, and an armchair attempting the same feats. Crews from Nitro Circus, MTV’s popular stunt show, arrived Thursday at the Utah Olympic Park to film their season closer to be aired this fall.

For a local angle the producers invited, Utah’s own Jazz bear to join in the stunts. He took a run down the jumps on a sled landed a belly flop that took him halfway down the single ramp. Diving into a pool and swimming in sopping wet fur? Crazy.

Other highlights included the plummets by bike, tandem skis, and three fools riding a couch.

As with a great many of their stunts, the Nitro Circus crew wasn’t entirely successful in their endeavors. In fact, I wouldn’t say they were completely without fear either, what with long prep times before each stunt.

The canoe needed a waxing and a second try before scattering the riders in every which direction in the air. And the couch didn’t even make it off the ramp after three runs, its twisting backward decent stirred up anxiety amongst the audience.

Click here for the entire article.

Bear sled2

Bear sled3



Click here for our Facebook photo album with more pictures from Nitro Circus.


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