Springer Tournee Wraps Up at Utah Olympic Park

Utah Olympic ParkThe following is an excerpt from an article originally published at FirstTracksOnline.com:

Kimball Junction, UT – The 11th annual North American Springer Tournee wrapped up Saturday following four days of ski jumping and nordic combined skiing competition with wins from U.S. athletes Willy Graves (Putney, VT), Nina Lussi (Lake Placid, NY), Jessica Jerome and Anders Johnson (both Park City, UT). The competition took place at Utah Olympic Park in Kimball Junction, near Park City.

The Springer Tournee is an annual summer competition that brings nordic ski clubs together for a weekend of ski jumping and nordic combined competition. It’s named after the prestigious Four Hills Tournament in Austria and Germany.

Graves kicked off the tournament with a win in the nordic combined competition, while Lussi, Jerome and Johnson each won their respective age classes in the women’s jumping events.

According to Graves, the nordic combined competition was an intensely close battle for the win.

“The jumping ended up being really tight. A lot of us were within a minute of each other. I skied behind Carl Vanmone and Bryan Fletcher. They caught me from behind and I drafted down. I saved a lot of energy and then we actually caught up to Alex Glueck, right when Taylor Fletcher caught up with us,” Graves explained. “He had the fastest ski time. It was on the last hill on the last lap, and then I attacked there and ended up opening up a 15 second gap.”

The win is an indicator to Graves that he is making his way through the summer training season successfully.

Click here to read the entire article.


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