May the G-force be with you

Utah Olympic ParkThe following is an exerpt from an articile originally published at

More than a few of the 20 or so folks in this small room at the Utah Olympic Park have thrown out the phrase “bucket list,” and the air is charged with the kind of nervous energy that can only come from the giddy sense that we’re all about to do something that could kill us, but likely won’t.

And if that doesn’t spell fun, what does?

We’re in the briefing hub for the Comet bobsled ride at the site of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, signing the waivers that say we won’t sue the park if we do wind up as sunny-side-ups in a 5-G-force Grand Slam.

Each bobsledder gets a piece of metal on each side to hang onto for dear life, and the instructions amount to this: In the turns, the G-forces will try to crush you like a puny little girly-girl, which no matter who you are, that’s who you are in the face of 5 Gs.

Click here to read the entire article.

Click here to learn how to take your ride on The Comet in the winter or summer.


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