July 25: Festival of Flight


12pm-3pm:  Summer Sun-Splash Aerial Contest
Witness the World’s best Aerial Jumpers perform thrilling acrobatic maneuvers high abouve our splash pool!

12pm-4pm: BBQ, Beer, and Bouncing
Beer for the parent, Bouncing for the kid, BBQ for everyone!

1pm-3pm: So You Think You Can Be An Olympian?
Try your hand in Skeleton, Luge, Freestyle, or Nordic Jumping in the Future Olympian Zone!

1pm-4pm: Facepainting!
Get your clown on!

2pm-3:30pm: K120 Long Jump Contest!
Freakishly Long Jumps by Mutant Bird Men!

3:30pm: School of Rock Concert!
Live Music!

5:00pm:  Flying Ace All-Stars!
Merry hucksters and whirly birds aim for orbit, while performing feats of flight!


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