Steering a luge

Utah Olympic ParkThe following in an excerpt from an article written by a member of the USA Junior National Luge Team:

Steering a luge sled isn’t so complicated. The definition of steering a luge sled is the way the athlete applies pressure to a sled to enable it to change directions. But as simple as that sounds, it is a little more complicated, as there are several ways to steer a sled. Your first option is to use your legs. Lying down on a sled, the runners lie beneath you and curl up around your calves. Putting pressure on these runners helps change their angle, providing a steering motion. To steer to the left, simply apply pressure to the right runner and vice versa to steer to the right. Second, you can steer with your handles that you hold onto inside the sled. To do this, you must pull up and back on your right handle to go right and the left handle to go left, but this kind of steering isn’t as strong and direct as a leg steer. Third, an even gentler steer is achieved by using your body weight. Say if you wanted to go to the right, you would roll your head towards your right shoulder, applying more of your body weight onto that runner and making your left side lighter. This action does the least but over a couple of seconds, you can feel the sled start to shift direction a little bit.

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