Utah’s Olympic Winter Sport Park

Utah Olympic ParkThe following in an excerpt from a article:

Today all of the facilities are still in constant use and have become community sport training centers and hotbeds of training for future world-class athletes. Visitors can even experience the thrills of some of these extreme sports and choose a self-guided tour or a tour guided by knowledgeable guides, many of who worked here during the Olympic competitions.

The guided tour starts at the museums with an introduction to the winter sledding sports at the museum where the guide demonstrates the differences between skeleton, luge and bobsleds and shows racing positions and techniques using real equipment. Skeleton and luge are individual sleds and bobsled is a team effort.

A bus takes the tour group way up the mountain to the top of the Men’s Luge and Bobsled and Skeleton track to see where they race. A specially-constructed ice-lined conduit, it snakes downhill through 15 curves sometimes held onto the track by centrifugal force and reaching speeds of 80 miles an hour. Visitors can arrange for their own bobsled ride with a professional driver to experience the thrill of speed and 4G force. Jim Shea won the gold here in 2002. The women’s starting post is a few hundred feet lower.

A trip to the top of the ski jumps provides an eagle’s eye view of the course. Carved into the hill to reduce the effect of mountain winds, these jumps are the highest altitude jumps in the world. From the top of the K120 jump you can see the other jumps as well. From there it is not unusual to see Jumpers flying down the K90 jump below. Three other jumps of less height make this a great training facility for athletes wanting to learn or improve their skills.

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