Up to Spring in Utah

Utah Olympic ParkFrom

Another great destination to consider is the Utah Olympic Park in Park City. This Park was also a venue for the Olympics, in this case the 2002 Winter Games. It has since opened its doors (and its slopes) to the public, offering winter sports activities and classes to anyone and everyone. If you’ve ever been interested about a winter sport you saw on TV, you can definitely try it out – safely and under close supervision – in Utah.

The Utah Olympic Park has facilities for most of the sports included in the Winter Olympics, including bobsled, luge and skeleton. The Park employs several qualified trainers for each sport, and you could even. There are even seasonal classes taught by world-renowned professionals and experts in the sport.

In addition to its sports facilities, the Utah Olympic Park also has rides that will give you a winter-cold adrenaline rush. One of its most popular attractions is the bobsled ride, the Comet, where you get the feel of a real bobsled run with up to 5 G’s of force against your body. Another is the Xtreme Zipline – the steepest zipline in the world – where you are strapped into a harness and ‘zip’ down the slope at up to 50mph.

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