WHAT THEY SAID: Happy 40th!

Utah Olympic ParkClick HERE for the original blog post.

“Several weeks ago I got a postcard in the mail from a hotel with all of their specials and package deals and there was a package with a night’s stay and tickets to the Utah Olympic Park zip line and alpine slide. The next day I was talking to my sister-in-law and she told me that she wanted to do something really great for her 40th Birthday. I asked her if she liked the idea of spending her birthday zipping down a mountain side, and she loved it, so we booked it!

Friday we got up and had breakfast then set off for the Utah Olympic Park. Wow, what a great place! They have several mock ski jumps where people ski down a slope, twist and turn in the air then land in a bubbling pool of water. We sat and watched several amazing jumps! We were also able to see the Nordic Ski Jumpers practice and, holy cow! These were 14-19 year old kids, flying off these jumps at 70+ miles per hour then landing and gliding to a stop. They practice in the off season to fine tune their skills for the real thing.

Afterwards, we took the ski lift up to the zip line. They strapped us into these harness type slings and then we went flying down the line! What a rush! We then took another ski lift up to the alpine slide and got to see the Nordic jumpers up close as we made our way up. The alpine slide was great with the breeze blowing and feeling carefree. We finished at the park with a cool Olympic museum featuring great pictures and artifacts from the Salt Lake 2002 Winter Olympic Games. “


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