Alf Engen Ski Museum

Utah Olympic ParkThe Alf Engen Ski Museum is one of two impressive anchor exhibits of the Joe Quinney Winter Sports Center. The George Eccles 2002 Olympic Winter Games museum is the other. Here you are more than a spectator – you’re a participant! That’s because our state-of-the-art interactive and virtual exhibits place you in the epicenter of the past, present and future of winter sports in the Intermountain Region, including an Olympic downhill course. That’s a great way to experience one of the most extensive collections of ski and Olympic/Paralympic Winter Games memorabilia in the U.S. The museum’s comprehensive educational component gives school children a skiing-based foundation to study subjects such as the water cycle, physics and Utah’s colorful history.

  • 1989 The idea of a ski museum originated when a group of ski history enthusiasts, headed by Alan Engen, realized the need for a facility recognizing those ski and snow sport pioneers and athletes who had made significant contributions to winter sports in the Intermountain Region. A small A-frame structure was first considered as a repository for Alf Engen’s considerable collection of trophies and awards as well as other historical memorabilia. However, the building “grew” into a 29,000 square foot structure, thanks to contributions from the Janet Quinney Lawson Foundation, David and Shar Quinney and many other generous donors. The location of the museum was determined by two factors: its close proximity to storied Ecker Hill and to the venues of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games.
  • August, 1993 Alf Engen Ski Museum Foundation is formally establised as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.
  • August, 1999 Formal site dedication for proposed Joe Quinney Winter Sports Center building.
  • March, 2000 Groundbreaking for the Quinney Center. Utah Winter Sports Park is renamed Utah Olympic Park.
  • September, 2001 Joe Quinney Winter Sports Center building is loaned to the Salt Lake Organizing Committee to serve as a media center during the 2002 Winter Games.
  • March, 2002 Displays and exhibits are installed in the Alf Engen Ski Museum.
  • July, 2002 Public Grand Opening of the building.
  • September, 2002 Bronze sculptures of Joe Quiney and Alf Engen, crafted by Kraig Varner of Lehi, Utah, and funded by the Quinney and Engen families, are unveiled. The inaugural class of Intermountain Ski Hall of Fame is inducted.
  • May, 2004 Alf Engen Ski Museum Foundaiton sells the Quinney Center to the Utah Athletic Foundation.
  • June, 2005 Grand Opening of the George Eccles Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Winter Games Museum. Intermountain Ski Hall of Fame is renamed the Will and Jean Pickett Intermountain Ski Hall of Fame in honor of two local contributors to ski history.
  • May, 2006 Alf Engen Ski Museum receives “Best of State” honors in the “Museum and Attractions” category.
  • September, 2007 New museum entry, highlighting each decade’s skiing history, is installed.

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