About.com: Top 10 Reasons to Visit Utah Olympic Park

Utah Olympic ParkLois Friedland writes at About.com: Adventure Travel the Top 10 Reasons to visit the Utah Olympic Park. Here is an excerpt:

If you’ve ever watched Olympians sliding down a bobsled track at 90 miles an hour and wondered if you could do it, or you’ve been curious if you’ve the guts to slide down a nordic ski jump, visit the Utah Olympic Park located just outside Park City, Utah. At this playground for adventurous travelers, which is open summer and winter, you can ride in a bobsled moving at 4- to 5 Gs, take an extreme zipline ride — or simply learn more about the 2002 Winter Olympic Games on a tour while your friends challenge themselves in these special sporting venues.

  1. Go 80 MPH on the Bobsled — Luge –Skeleton Track
  2. Try the World’s Steepest Zipline
  3. Speed Down the Quicksilver Alpine Slide
  4. Learn Freestyle Skiing and Snowboarding Tricks Flipping into the
    Training Pool
  5. Tame Tours of the Utah Olympic Park
  6. Take Your Picture by a Bobsled in the Olympic Museum
  7. Play in the Snow Zone or Explore the Adventure Park
  8. Want to Learn an Olympic Sport?
  9. Pricing Includes Gold, Silver and Bronze Packages for a Family Fun Day
  10. Learn More About Utah Olympic Park

Click HERE to read the entire article.


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