WHAT THEY SAID: Deep Creek Lake and Bobsledding! WOW

Utah Olympic ParkClick HERE for original blog post.

“Just this weekend we had the amazing opportunity to go bobsledding at the Utah Olympic Park on the same track that was used in the 2002 Winter Olympics. Our sled reached a speed of 79.6 mph, 15 bank turns and 5 G’s in 52.89 seconds. Aside from the sore necks, we’re doing great! You can’t understand the power of G-forces until you’re brain witnesses it first hand. The only difference between the Olympians and what we did is that they have a 2 second gain on the start. We had a push start rather than a running start like the pros. Pretty incredible experience, but I wouldn’t recommend it if you have any back or neck ailments. With the force of the G’s you can definitely pinpoint the areas of pain in your body! Oh, and the other neat thing was our pilot, Stephan – he is the Canadian bobsledding team coach. If we could only win a Winter Olympics bid, we could have a track of our own at Deep Creek Lake, Maryland!”

Summer or winter, take a ride on the bobsled track!


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